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The Muskie Train workshop consists of the wood shop, paint area and store. The wood shop is located in my garage. It has all of the basic woodworking machines such as a table saw, radial arm saw, band saw, lathe and other various tools. All of the lure bodies are made in the shop and then taken to my basement.

Trent prepares blanks on the band saw.
Next, Trent cuts the blanks for the MX 4's in two halves using the routers.

Here is the progression of the blanks from table saw to the band saw to the router jig.

The blanks are then ready to be glued. We try to match every left and right side from the same piece of wood. This makes for a more stable lure.

The paint booth is located in my basement. Once lures come in from the shop they are sealed, primed and painted. Once the paint cures they are clear coated with two part epoxy where they are placed on a rotating wheel for drying.