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Water Tested, Musky Approved!

After every lure is put together, it is water tested to make sure it runs correctly out of the box. We understand the frustration of buying a lure and having to spend fishing time trying to get the lure to run instead of fishing.


To ensure that our products are ready to fish right out of the package, they all get tested, one of several ways. If the weather is good, we test them behind the boat at 4 mph. But living in Ohio that isn't always possible. Sometimes we cast them into a pond to tune them. The most common method that we use to tune the lures in the Cuyhoga River in Kent, Ohio. We have a stretch of river where the current is always running swiftly and in a straight line.

Mike tests a MX9 in the river


Rarely, should you have to tune one of our baits. If you are going to speed troll at speeds greater than 6mph you might have to do some fine tuning but that should be about the only time. If you have any questions about tuning do not hesitate to email us.

Mike tunes the bait to make sure it runs true.

Water Tested, Muskie Approved!