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I met Mike this year, while he was testing / tuning some of his lures at West Branch - just before ice out. That week I stopped by his shop and met Trent... and picked up not only a handful of lures, but some great tips and information for fishing West Branch.


I've caught more Musky this year than all my years of fishing combined. I basically followed Mike's instructions, about how / where to fish on West Branch, using the lures he told me to use - and caught one Musky after another.


Whether you are fishing for Musky here in Ohio, or on Lake St. Clair, or surrounding states - Mike and Trent, freely offer their years of knowledge and experience - and promote lures other than those they make - and will help you all they can, to put Musky in your boat!


To date, this year - my best West Branch Lure has been the MX9 Shadisco - but I've caught every Musky on lures I've purchased from Muskie Train...


~ Mike H.