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Guide Services

Learn How We Fish!

If you are interested in learning how we fish please contact us via email.
Prices vary based on the body of water and distance of travel time and fish species, and can be taylored to the Muskie or Walleye fishermen.

With this service will:

  • Teach you techniques that have worked well for us in the past whether that happens to be trolling, fighting fish, landing fish or anything else you may want to learn about.
  • We will explain why we set up the boat the way we did and why we use the equipment we use (rods, reels, rod holders, electronics and much more).

This is NOT a Charter Boat.

We will take you out on one of our boats, show you how and teach why we do what we do. This service is not to catch you fish, but rather it is here for you to learn how to catch more fish on your own personal boat in the future.

We have limited space on our boats - so we limit this to 2 adults.
This also has another benefit; there is more one on one learning available.

This service is directed to the angler who have a basic knowledge of fishing who are looking to improve their fishing skills.