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Repainting of lures


We will repaint almost any brand of lure at $1.00 per inch with a 5 inch minimum.

This would be for standard colors. More complicated colors can be painted but you will have to contact us for a quote.


Along with the painting, we will envirotex  the lure to protect your new paint job. There is an additional charge of $1.00 for this service.  For example, to have a 5 inch lure repainted and envirotexed will cost you $6.00 plus shipping.


We will also repair broken lures


This service is based on what we need to do to fix the lure to get it back into fish catching condition. This may also pertain to lures that are in very rough shape and need some repairs before the repainting service can be accomplished.


We would contact you prior to any work being completed with a quote on how much the repairs would cost. Examples or repairs that are affordable and worth while are; stripped screw eyes, lip replacement, hook wear and other misc. damage.


Note: We will do repaints on smaller baits on an individual quote basis.


If you are bait maker and would like to have your baits professionally painted and envirotexed by us, please feel free to contact us for a quote.


If you know the style of bait that is catching fish and you have several in the wrong colors, get them repainted. It will be well worth the investment.