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Does Down Sizing Work In the Spring?


Does Down Sizing Work In The Spring?

by Mike Mordas

Trent and I took a few days to fish and try out the new MX 4's for muskie. We knew that they worked for walleye and steelhead but we had yet to catch a muskie on one. So, it was time.

The MX 4 was designed as an early spring bait. In Ohio, we do not have closed seasons, so as soon as ice is off we start fishing. The preferred method for us is short line trolling in the 5'-8' of water running short lines.( 20' of 50 lb braid got us 5' down at 3-4 mph.) Our preferred speed when the water temps are in the high 40's to low 50's is 2.9 -3.8 mph.

The MX 4's, do need to be used on a rod with a softer tip. A stiff rod will not allow the bait to move and work properly. We also found that the bait, worked best, with the rod tips out of the water. Once again, the rod had to have some give to enable the bait to run properly.

Another important tip when short lining in the spring with small baits, is to set your drags on the light side. We are trolling in areas with a lot of structure, so when the bait gets snagged, the light drag will enable you to retrieve your bait from the structure. Plus, you are running small baits, do not over power them with your line and reels. The light drag will prevent the fish from straighting hooks and split rings.

We ended up catching 3 fish on MX 4"s this outing; 31,31.5, and a nice 44. So, yes they do catch muskie too.

Trent with the first fish caught on an MX 4-44"