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Spring Time Observations- Where to Find Fish.


Trent and I have been out field testing lures the last two weeks. We have had some success, which makes us happy. But where do you start fishing early in the season? In Ohio we do not have closed seasons, so we can start fishing as soon as the ice is off. Here are some helpful pointers that will help you increase your fishing success.

1. Look for plant life that is starting to turn green on shore. The areas that receive the most sun are warming up the fastest. The most obvious is the budding of trees. Fish in those areas. The water is also warming faster in these areas.

2. Pay attention to the wind and the currents. Look for greening foliage and the windy points. Predator fish like when food is blown to them.

3. Watch you fish finder for new underwater plant growth. Once again this will correlate to warmer water.

4. Pay attention to what other fisherman are doing. Different species of fish stage at different areas during pre and post spawn. This will help you to find or pattern the musky. Finding the fish is half the battle. Use all of your resources.

5. Watch for deer. Deer will gather where food is most plentiful in spring. Once again new, green growth. These areas warm faster. Deer also have that sixth sense about changing weather. If the deer are feeding during the day, they become your weather barometer. Something is changing on the weather front. This could signal a feeding window.


I hope these few pointers help you to have a successful spring musky season.


Mike Mordas 4/6/2010