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Use The Boat To Improve Catch Ratio

Fishing the past couple days, Mordas and I have remembered, what a pain it can be to fish in the wind. We have had some warm, windy days this spring. The wind is truly hard to fish in when you are fishing by yourself. The following are a couple tips that have worked for us while fishing in the wind.

When trolling into the wind and a fish bites, before you take the motor out of gear, get the other lines clear and the net ready. If you take the boat out of gear to soon, you greatly increase your chances of loosing that fish. If you turn the motor off, too soon, you put a large amount of slack in your line, allowing the fish to come unbuttoned.

Once everything is cleared, point the boat in a safe direction either going with the wind or even better, going perpendicular to the wind and waves. You are now ready to bring the fish to the net. You can either slow the boat down now or take it out of gear, which is a personal preference you will have to decide.

In really rough weather conditions Mordas and I will leave the motor in gear the whole time fighting the fish. We will back down on the speed, but we will still keep the motor in gear. This gives us much greater control and increases our catch ratio.