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Improving Landing Ratios with Rod Position.

Trent and I spend a fair amount of time on the water chasing fish. We are always observing and trying to improve our strike to land ratios. A big factor that we have noticed is rod position  when fighting the fish.

We finally have the right lure on, at the right depth, going the right speed, in the right place and the fish bites. The next important variable, is to get the rod out of the rod holder. We are not big fans of rod holders that you have to point the rod up to remove it from the holder. These are fine when you are long lining. In the spring we are running twenty feet of line or less and that motion brings the head of the fish to the surface. This is BAD!  When using small baits in the spring, the fish can throw the lure very easily. Your goal at this point is to keep the fish's head as low as possible. The best way to do this is point your rod tip down and into the water. The lower the rod tip is in the water the better.

The next thing to remember with the rod when using small baits is not to load the rod completely. When we talk about loading the rod, we are referring to how much flex and pressure you are putting on the fish. With small baits and the fish being close to the boat, you will torque the lure out of the fish's mouth. The best method is to keep firm pressure on the fish, with the rod pointing into the water and light drag. Let the fish move anywhere he wants to go. Do not muscle him, this will result in an early, frustrating release.

In summary, keep your rod tip low and do not load the rod to heavy with pressure. These 2 basic tips will help you to get more fish into the net. One last suggestion, if you have not read the tip about using your boat in improve landing ratios you need to do so. Both of these article will improve your fishing adventures.


Mike Mordas