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Muskie Train Vacation

Mike and Trent (owners/manufacturers of Muskie Train lures) took me fishing on Lake St. Clair for a 4 day vacation.


Mike gave me the phone number for Lakeside Fishing Shop to call ahead and order my Canada License. They took my information over the phone, and credit card information, and it was ready when I arrived Thursday around noon - they also have a web page where you can order your license.


After about a 3 hour drive from Streetsboro, Ohio we arrived at Miller Marina in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, and met up with Tom at Miller Marina. He unlocked the gate to the boat launch, and we parked the boat next to the BP gas station at Miller Marina, unhooked the traler and parked it, then headed to our room... about 10 minutes away.


We picked up my license, and drove back to Miller Marina.


Tom suggested we take the boat across from his place, to 'Mike's on the Water' - which has good food at a reasonable price... and spirits.


It was nice, not towing the boat or the trailer around... and we left everything in the boat overnight, ready to go! All we had to do in the morning, was stop at the store, hop in the boat and take off!!


One of the area's we fished, was near the dumping grounds. If you fish the lake, you'll know where it is / how long it normally takes you to get there. The distance from the Marina to around the dumping grounds was only 1/2 hour. The farthest we went was about 1 hour from the Marina, due East.


The weather was mostly sunny, with a mix of clouds, and some light rain thrown in here and there, with variable and changing winds primarily out of the West / SW at about 2-10 mph.


We went out looking for the big fish, first... and although we didn't get any monsters - we managed to catch 3 pike, a couple smallmouth, and catch 4 for 6 muskies. The first one caught proved to be the biggest of the trip, at 43" (my personal best), the 2nd was 41" and the others were under 40"


Then we went for the numbers for the next 2 days... and weren't disappointed. Mike and Trent didn't waste too much time taking pictures, since the majority of the fish were under 35"... we just reeled them in, unhooked and released them.


Altogether, we caught 20+ Muskie, a few 19" and 20" smallmouth and 3-4 Pike between 30-40".

The best colors were Perch, Michigan Black Sucker, Natural Walleye, and St. Lawrence. Most of the fish came on MX6 and MX7.5